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INTRUST Bank Arena Announces the Debut of Free Public Wi-Fi

The SMG-managed INTRUST Bank Arena announced today that as part of a continued effort to enhance the guest experience, a robust, free, public Wi-Fi system is now available to all fans, beginning with this Friday’s Wichita Thunder home opener. The first-ever free, public Wi-Fi network in the arena is powered by Cox Hospitality Network, a division of Cox Communications, the official telecommunications provider of INTRUST Bank Arena, and includes 100% coverage of the arena property. The total cost of the project is $1.1 million.

Fans can access this new INTRUST Bank Arena amenity by connecting to the INTRUST Bank Arena Public WiFi network. After connecting, users will be prompted to accept the network’s terms and conditions before enjoying all the benefits of free, high-speed wireless access.

“We’re excited to be able to offer the use of free, public Wi-Fi to all of our guests at INTRUST Bank Arena in an effort to enhance their event experience,” commented AJ Boleski, SMG General Manager. “This project has been a great partnership with Cox Hospitality Network and we’re proud to have worked on this project with an organization who has been a major supporter of INTRUST Bank Arena since day one.”

A total of 200 wireless access points have been installed and have been setup to accommodate fans in all locations of the building, including fans who are in line directly outside of the arena. A total of nearly seven miles of Cat6 cable and 600 feet of fiber optic cable was used as part of the building-wide installation, and the installation process took more than 850 man hours.

Along with improving how fans share experiences at INTRUST Bank Arena events through their mobile devices, the addition of Wi-Fi provides SMG the opportunity to explore new ways of delivering a better fan experience and opens the door for potential future expansion of mobile and digital offers to fans that are popular in other venues.


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