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PBR Lucas Oil Touring Pro Series

April 13, 2013

[Tickets not currently available for this event.]SEATING CHART

6:30 p.m.
(Please plan to arrive early to avoid lines)

Event: Saturday, April 13 at 7:30 p.m.

Adult Tickets: $12, $17, $27, $37, $52
Children's Tickets (ages 2-12): $12, $14.50, $19.50, $52
(Facility Fee included in price. Additional fees may apply. All tickets increase $2 day of show.)

Camera Policy:
Small point and shoot cameras only. No 35MM or detachable lens cameras. No audio or video recording devices.
(Subject to change)

Event Information:
The PBR’s Touring Pro Division is about one thing: hunger. And it's coming your way. This is the stepping stone to the glitz and glamour of the elite Built Ford Tough Series, but there’s nothing minor-league about it. These are young men dreaming of the big time. To make it, they have to get past the same monsters you see every week on national television, and superstar veterans looking to stand in their way.